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Issue DateAuthor(s)TitleSource TitleVolumeStart pageEnd page
2015 Sakamoto, Wataru; Takenoshita, Seiichi Overexpression of both CLOCK and BMAL1 inhibits entry to S phase in human colon cancer cells Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 61 111 124
21-Mar-2018 佐久間, 光太郎 Parietal pleural invasion/adhesion of subpleural lung cancer : quantitative 4-dimensional CT analysis using dynamic-ventilatory scanning - - - -
Dec-2004 Iwabuchi, Masumi; Kikuchi, Shinichi; Sato, Katsuhiko Pathoanatomic investigation of cervical spondylotic myelopathy Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 50 47 54
24-Mar-2017 赤井畑, 秀則 Pelvic arterial occlusive disease affects the RhoA/Rho-kinase pathway in bladder smooth muscle - - - -
Sep-2008 Takeishi, Yasuchika; Koyama, Yo Pentosidine and soluble receptor for advanced glycation end-product (RAGE) are important prognostic factors independent of renal function in heart failure Journal of Cardiac Failure 14 627 628
Jan-2008 Suzuki, Satoshi; Takeishi, Yasuchika; Niizeki, Takeshi; Koyama, Yo; Kitahara, Tatsuro; Sasaki, Toshiki; Sagara, Mina; Kubota, Isao Pentraxin 3, a new marker for vascular inflammation, predicts adverse clinical outcomes in patients with heart failure American Heart Journal 155 75 81
25-Mar-2014 岩谷, 章司 Phosphodiesterase 3A1 protects the heart against angiotensin II–induced cardiac remodeling through regulating transforming growth factor-β expression - - - -
2012 Ravid, Rivka; Ikemoto, Keiko Pitfalls and practicalities in collecting and banking human brain tissues for research on psychiatric and neulogical disorders Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 58 82 87
Jun-2004 Takeda, Isao; Sugisaki, Kota; Iwadate, Haruyo; Kanno, Takashi; Odajima, Hajime; Kamimura, Katsuhito; Sakuma, Hideo; Endo, Hitoshi; Kasukawa, Reiji Polymyositis associated with urinary bladder cancer: an autopsy case Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 50 21 28
14-May-2015 Hamaya, Rikuta; Ono, Yuko; Chida, Yasuyuki; Inokuchi, Ryota; Kikuchi, Ken; Tameda, Tadanobu; Tase, Choichiro Polytetrafluoroethylene fume-induced pulmonary edema: a case report and review of the literature Journal of medical case reports 9 111 -
22-Mar-2019 岩楯, 兼尚 Population Characteristics and Progressive Disability in Neuofibromatosis Type 2 - - - -
28-Sep-2018 今泉, 剛 Population pharmacokinetics of intravenous acetaminophen in Japanese patients who undergo elective surgery - - - -
Dec-2006 Kanno, Yukiko; Rai, Tsuyoshi; Monoe, Kyoko; Saito, Hironobu; Takahashi, Atsushi; Irisawa, Atsushi; Ohira, Hiromasa Possible association of cytotoxic T lymphocyte antigen-4 genetic polymorphism with liver damage of primary biliary cirrhosis in Japan Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 52 79 85
24-Mar-2016 杉本, 充 Possible participation of IgG4 in the activation of complement in IgG4 related disease with hypocomplementemia - - - -
24-Mar-2016 眞下, 由美子 Post-engraftment blood transfusion and outcomes of bone marrow transplantation - - - -
2018 Otani, Koji; Iwabuchi, Masumi; Sato, Katsuhiko; Konno, Shinichi; Kikuchi, Shinichi Postoperative neck symptoms of posterior approach for cervical compressive myelopathy: Expansive open-door laminoplasty vs. segmental partial laminectomy Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 64 54 59
2012 Shishido, Hiroaki; Kikuchi, Shinichi; Otoshi, Kenichi; Konno, Shinichi Postoperative outcomes of arthroscopic subacromial decompression for rotator cuff tear with shoulder stiffness Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 58 33 39
25-Mar-2014 大槻, 好史 Potential for Respiratory Epithelium Regeneration From Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells - - - -
21-Mar-2018 Dirja Bayu Tirta Potential of laryngeal muscle regeneration using induced pluripotent stem cell-derived skeletal muscle cells - - - -
25-Mar-2014 佐藤, 聡 Povidone-iodine induced cell death in cultured human epithelial Hela cells and rat oral mucosal tissue - - - -
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