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May-2010 Ueda, Kazuki; Kajikawa, Masayuki; Ookouchi, Masayuki; Tateshita, Tohru; Hirose, Tarou; Asai, Emiko; Sakaba, Takao How to Create a Natural Nasolabial Fold during Muscle Transplantation for the Treatment of Facial Paralysis Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery 63 e481 e483
13-Sep-2017 Ono, Yuko; Tanigawa, Koichi; Shinohara, Kazuaki; Yano, Tetsuhiro; Sorimachi, Kotaro; Inokuchi, Ryota; Shimada, Jiro Human and equipment resources for difficult airway management, airway education programs, and capnometry use in Japanese emergency departments: a nationwide cross-sectional study International Journal of Emergency Medicine 10 28 -
2013 Watanabe, Kimio; Tani, Yoshihiro; Kimura, Hiroshi; Asai, Jun; Tanaka, Kenichi; Hayashi, Yoshimitsu; Asahi, Koichi; Nakayama, Masaaki; Watanabe, Tsuyoshi Hypertrophic cranial pachymeningitis in mpo-anca-related vasculitis: a case report and literature review Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 59 56 62
30-Sep-2020 遠藤, 英成 Identification of a TGFβ-dependent stromal subset in dMMR/MSI-H colorectal cancer - - - -
30-Sep-2019 阿部, 良伸 IL-13 attenuates early local CXCL2-dependent neutrophil recruitment for Candida albicans clearance during a severe murine systemic infection - - - -
2016 Suzuki, Ryoma; Katakura, Kyoko; Fujiwara, Tatsuo; Gunji, Naohiko; Watanabe, Hiroshi; Ohira, Hiromasa Imiquimod-induced CCR9 Ameliorates murine TNBS Colitis Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 62 90 100
2015 Yoshida-Komiya, Hiromi; Goto, Aya; Yasumura, Seiji; Fujimori, Keiya; Abe, Masafumi Immediate mental consequences of the great east Japan earthquake and Fukushima nuclear power Plant accident on mothers experiencing miscarriage, abortion, and stillbirth: the Fukushima health management survey Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 61 66 71
24-Mar-2017 青砥, 慶太 Immunogenic Tumor Cell Death Induced by Chemotherapy in Patients with Breast Cancer - - - -
25-Mar-2014 仕垣, 幸太郎 Immunohistochemical analysis of chromogranin A and p53 expressions in ulcerative colitis-associated neoplasia: neuroendocrine differentiation as an early event in the colitis-neoplasia sequence - - - -
2018 Mimura, Kosaku; Yamada, Leo; Ujiie, Daisuke; Hayase, Suguru; Tada, Takeshi; Hanayama, Hiroyuki; Aung Kyi Thar Min; Shibata, Masahiko; Momma, Tomoyuki; Saze, Zenichiro; Ohki, Shinji; Kono, Koji Immunotherapy for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: a review Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 64 46 53
24-Mar-2017 滝口, 舞 Impact of body mass index on mortality in heart failure patients - - - -
29-Sep-2016 曽田, 恵美 Impacts of age on plasma monoamine metabolite concentrations in a large cohort of healthy individuals - - - -
24-Mar-2020 一條, 靖洋 Impaired frontal brain activity in patients with heart failure assessed by near-infrared spectroscopy - - - -
28-Sep-2018 佐藤, 久志 Incidence of organizing pneumonia after whole-breast radiotherapy for breast cancer, and risk factor analysis - - - -
2012 Higuchi, Mitsunori; Yamaura, Takumi; Kanno, Ryuzo; Suzuki, Hiroyuki; Asano, Shigeyuki; Gotoh, Mitsukazu Incidental early lung adenocarcinoma after surgery for catamenial pneumothorax Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 58 74 77
24-Mar-2020 森本, 一生 Increase in blood pressure by local injection of ketamine into the amygdala in rats - - - -
2020 Suzuki, Masahiro; Nakaegawa, Yuta; Kobayashi, Tetsuro; Kawase, Tomotaka; Ikeda, Masakazu; Murono, Shigeyuki Indications for partial superficial parotidectomy for benign parotid gland tumors using the retrograde approach Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 66 73 77
Dec-2006 Kobayashi, Tsuneo Indoor-atmospheric radon-related radioactivity affected by a change of ventilation strategy Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 52 59 64
2018 Migita, Kiyoshi; Asano, Tomoyuki; Sato, Shuzo; Motokawa, Satoru Induction of anti-PF4/heparin antibodies after arthroplasty for rheumatic diseases Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 64 1 8
24-Mar-2020 根本, 大樹 Inhibitory effect of lidocaine on colonic spasm during colonoscopy: A multicenter double-blind, randomized controlled trial - - - -
2012 Kurihara, Masato; Akama, Youichi; Kimura, Junko Inhibitory effect of β-hydroxybutyric acid on L-type Ca^{2+} current under β-adrenergic stimulation in guinea pig Cardiac ventricular myocytes Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 58 144 150
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