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Vol.68 (2022) : [19]

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Fukushima Journal of Medical Science. Vol.68 (2022)

NLM Title Abbreviation: Fukushima J Med Sci
ISSN: 0016-2590(PRINT)
ISSN: 2185-4610(ONLINE)

Vol.68 No.2, 2022
著者 (Author) タイトル (title) ページ (page)
Saito Y, Sato K, Itagaki T, Omata F, Sawano T, Kobashi Y, Nishikawa Y, Tsubokura M, Hoshi W. Home-visit rehabilitation in a repopulated village after the Fukushima nuclear disaster. 71-77
Onda A, Onozato K, Kimura M. Clinical features of neck and shoulder pain (Katakori) in Japanese hospital workers. 79-87
Sakamoto W, Kanke Y, Onozawa H, Okayama H, Endo H, Fujita S, Saito M, Saze Z, Momma T, Kono K. Short-term outcomes of neoadjuvant chemotherapy with capecitabine plus oxaliplatin for patients with locally advanced rectal cancer followed by total or tumor-specific mesorectal excision with or without lateral pelvic lymph node dissection. 89-95
Watanabe T, Otani K, Sekiguchi M, Konno SI. Relationship between lumbar disc degeneration on MRI and low back pain: A cross-sectional community study. 97-107
Kaneta A, Sato T, Nakano H, Matsumoto T, Tada T, Watanabe Y, Hanayama H, Hayase S, Saze Z, Kono K. Preoperative bacterial culture can predict severe pneumonia in patients receiving esophagectomy. 109-116
Kyozuka H, Sugeno M, Murata T, Jin T, Ito F, Nomura Y, Hirano T, Shinohara K, Suzuki D, Ishida T. Introduction and utility of resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta for cases with a potential high risk of postpartum hemorrhage: A single tertiary care center experience of two cases. 117-122
Kyozuka H, Jin T, Sugeno M, Kuratsune K, Ando H, Ito F, Odajima H, Suzuki D, Nomura Y. A case of spontaneous parasitic myoma in a patient without a history of myomectomy treated laparoscopically. 123-127
Hatanaka D, Ito K, Fukama E, Nomura T, Kusakari M, Takahashi H, Nakamura T, Takahashi N. Peripheral platelet phagocytosis in an extremely low birth weight infant: a case report. 129-134
Yamakuni R, Ishikawa H, Hasegawa O, Sekino H, Ishii S, Otani K, Ito H. Cauda equina movement during the Valsalva maneuver in two patients with Lumbar spinal canal stenosis. 135-141
Vol.68 No.1, 2022
著者 (Author) タイトル (title) ページ (page)
Sugimoto M, Takagi T, Suzuki R, Konno N, Asama H, Sato Y, Irie H, Okubo Y, Nakamura J, Takasumi M, Hashimoto M, Kato T, Kobashi R, Hikichi T, Ohira H. Drug treatment for chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy in patients with pancreatic cancer. 1-10
Kasuga H, Endo S, Masuishi Y, Hidaka T, Kakamu T, Saito K, Abe K, Fukushima T. Association between subjective economic status and refusal of life-prolonging treatment: a cross-sectional study using content analysis with stratified random sampling. 11-18
Nakamura K, Kanke S, Hoshi G, Toyoda Y, Yoshida K, Kassai R. Impact of general practice / family medicine clerkships on Japanese medical students: Using text mining to analyze reflective writing. 19-24
Yabuki S, Takatsuki K, Ouchi K. Psychologic distress and QOL in medical staff after a disaster: A longitudinal 4-year study. 25-35
Ito H, Tanei T, Sugawara K, Sando Y, Hori N. Spinal cord stimulation for the treatment of pain and toe ulceration associated with systemic sclerosis: a case report. 37-41
Shirota J, Sato M, Saito Y, Asano Y, Tomita Y, Watanabe M, Suyama K, Kawasaki Y, Hosoya M. Plastic bronchitis associated with influenza B virus infection: A case report. 43-48
Shiraiwa A, Takahashi T, Okoshi C, Wada M, Ota K, Suganuma R, Jimbo M, Soeda S, Watanabe T, Yoshida-Komiya H, Fujimori K. Successful pregnancy and delivery after a vitrified-warmed embryo transfer in a woman with Kallmann syndrome: A case report and literature review. 49-55
Fujimori M, Kyozuka H, Sugeno M, Jin T, Ito F, Suzuki D, Ishii T, Nomura Y. Tubo-ovarian abscess in a patient with cri du chat syndrome: A case report. 57-61
Hidaka T, Endo S, Kasuga H, Masuishi Y, Kakamu T, Fukushima T. Visualizing the decline of public interest in the Great East Japan Earthquake and Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident by analyzing letters to the editor in Japanese newspapers. 63-66
Kobashi Y, Shimazu Y, Kawamura T, Nishikawa Y, Omata F, Kaneko Y, Kodama T, Tsubokura M. Peak IgG antibody titers against SARS-CoV-2 spike protein following immunization with the Pfizer/BioNTech BNT162b2 vaccine. 67-70


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