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Jun-2004 Takeda, Isao; Sugisaki, Kota; Iwadate, Haruyo; Kanno, Takashi; Odajima, Hajime; Kamimura, Katsuhito; Sakuma, Hideo; Endo, Hitoshi; Kasukawa, Reiji Polymyositis associated with urinary bladder cancer: an autopsy case Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 50 21 28
Jun-2005 Takeda, Isao; Iwadate, Haruyo; Sugisaki, Kota; Takahashi, Atsushi; Nogae, Syoji; Kanno, Takashi; Kasukawa, Reiji Anti-ribosomal P antibodies are associated with nephritis, vascular thrombosis and lymphocytopenia in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 51 11 18
Dec-2006 Watanabe, Hiroshi; Noguchi, Etsuko; Shio, Kiori; Iwadate, Haruyo; Kobayashi, Hiroko; Ohira, Hiromasa Usefulness of complement split product, Bb, as a clinical marker for disease activity of lupus nephritis Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 52 103 109
Dec-2008 Kanno, Yukiko; Kobayashi, Hiroko; Suzuki, Eiji; Iwadate, Haruyo; Sasajima, Tomomi; Watanabe, Hiroshi; Ohira, Hiromasa Doppler sonographic analysis of synovial vascularization in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis treated with leukocytapheresis Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 54 73 78
Nov-2010 Takahashi, Atsushi; Abe, Kazumichi; Yokokawa, Junko; Iwadate, Haruyo; Kobayashi, Hiroko; Watanabe, Hiroshi; Irisawa, Atsushi; Ohira, Hiromasa Clinical features of liver dysfunction in collagen diseases Hepatology Research 40 1092 1097
Dec-2010 Iwadate, Haruyo; Kobayashi, Hiroko; Yano, Kiori; Watanabe, Hiroshi; Ikeda, Kazuhiko; Ogawa, Kazuei; Ohira, Hiromasa Therapy-related myelodysplastic syndrome following cyclophosphamide pulse and/or methotrexate therapy in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus. Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 56 121 127


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