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2015 Kobayashi, Atsushi; Mizukami, Hiroyuki; Sakamoto, Nobuo; Yamaki, Takayoshi; Kunii, Hiroyuki; Nakazato, Kazuhiko; Takeishi, Yasuchika Endogenous carbon monoxide concentration in blood elevates in acute coronary syndrome of nonsmoker population Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 61 72 78
24-Mar-2015 鈴木, 玲 Endoscopic ultrasound-assisted direct peritoneal visualization with a small-caliber scope-a proof of concept study in a swine model - - - -
2018 Suzuki, Rei; Takagi, Tadayuki; Sugimoto, Mitsuru; Konno, Naoki; Sato, Yuki; Irie, Hiroki; Watanabe, Ko; Nakamura, Jun; Takasumi, Mika; Hashimoto, Minami; Hikichi, Takuto; Ohira, Hiromasa Endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration for pancreatic cancer Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 64 111 115
24-Mar-2015 松本, 佳子 Enhanced expression of KIF4A in colorectal cancer was associated with histological type and lymph node metastasis - - - -
24-Mar-2016 猪狩, 貴弘 Epidemiological Study of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis:10-year Community Follow-up - - - -
22-Mar-2019 平井, 亨 Epidemiological study on cervical cord compression and its clinical symptoms in community-dwelling residents - - - -
Jun-2010 Goto, Aya; Vinih, Nguyen Quang; Van Nguyen, Thi Tu; Yokokawa, Hirohide; Yasumura, Seiji; Khue, Nguyen Thy Epidemiology research training in Vietnam: evaluation at the five year mark Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 56 63 70
24-Mar-2020 松村, 勇輝 Epidermal growth factor receptor gene mutation as risk factor for recurrence in patients with surgically resected lung adenocarcinoma: a matched-pair analysis - - - -
24-Mar-2016 宮﨑, 恭平 Establishment of evaluating the endothelial cell injury by TNF-α in vitro with implicated the pathophysiology of virus-associated acute encephalopathy - - - -
2013 Sato, Osamu Estimation of dietary intake of radioactive materials by duplicate diet method Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 59 111 116
30-Sep-2020 疋田, 雅之 Estimation of frequency difference at which stream segregation precedes temporal integration as reflected by omission mismatch negativity - - - -
Dec-2006 Furukawa, Tetsuo; Maehara, Kazuhira; Saito, Shuichi; Ishibashi, Toshiyuki; Maruyama, Yukio Estimation of microinhomogeneity of conduction impairment by wavelet analysis during early phase of myocardial ischemia in pigs Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 52 87 102
2020 Kurihara, Masato; Nishimura, Shinjitsu Estimation of the head elevation angle that causes clinically important venous air embolism in a semi-sitting position for neurosurgery: a retrospective observational study Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 66 67 72
28-Sep-2018 須賀, 淳子 Estradiol promotes rapid degradation of HER3 in ER-positive breast cancer cell line MCF-7 - - - -
2014 Yasumura, Seiji Evacuation effect on excess mortality among institutionalized elderly after the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant accident Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 60 192 195
Jun-2019 Satoh, Hiroaki; Ohira, Tetsuya; Nagai, Masato; Hosoya, Mitsuaki; Sakai, Akira; Yasumura, Seiji; Ohtsuru, Akira; Kawasaki, Yukihiko; Suzuki, Hitoshi; Takahashi, Atsushi; Sugiura, Yoshihiro; Shishido, Hiroaki; Hayashi, Yoshimitsu; Takahashi, Hideto; Kobashi, Gen; Ozasa, Kotaro; Hashimoto, Shigeatsu; Ohto, Hitoshi; Abe, Masafumi; Kamiya, Kenji Evacuation is a risk factor for diabetes development among evacuees of the Great East Japan earthquake: A 4-year follow-up of the Fukushima Health Management Survey Diabetes & Metabolism 45 312 315
2012 Imamura, Takashi; Momoi, Nobuo; Go, Hayato; Ogasawara, Kei; Kanai, Yuji; Sato, Maki; Goto, Aya; Hosoya, Mitsuaki Evaluation of arterial catheter management in very preterm neonates: peripheral artery versus umbilical artery Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 58 1 8
28-Sep-2018 藤原, 達雄 Evaluation of Brain Activity Using Near-infrared Spectroscopy in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients - - - -
Oct-2014 Monoe, Kyoko; Takahashi, Atsushi; Abe, Kazumichi; Kanno, Yukiko; Watanabe, Hiroshi; Ohira, Hiromasa Evaluation of nail fold capillaroscopy findings in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis Hepatology research 44 E129 E136
25-Mar-2014 物江, 恭子 Evaluation of nailfold capillaroscopy findings in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis - - - -
24-Mar-2020 山田, 玲央 Evaluation of selective sensitivity of EZH2 inhibitors based on synthetic lethality in ARID1A-deficient gastric cancer - - - -
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