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Vol.67 (2021) : [8]

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Fukushima Journal of Medical Science. Vol.67 (2021)

NLM Title Abbreviation: Fukushima J Med Sci
ISSN: 0016-2590(PRINT)
ISSN: 2185-4610(ONLINE)

Vol.67 No.1, 2021
著者 (Author) タイトル (title) ページ (page)
Sato Y, Yoshihisa A, Maki T, Takeishi Y. Effects of daily alcohol intake on glomerular filtration rate over three years. 1-7
Tokunaga A, Yoshida K, Orita M, Urata H, Itagaki S, Mashiko H, Yabe H, Maeda M, Oishi K, Inokuchi S, Iwanaga R, Tanaka G, Nakane H, Takamura N. The mental health status of children who have been evacuated or migrated from rural areas in Fukushima prefecture after the Fukushima daiichi nuclear power station accident: results from the Fukushima health management survey. 8-16
Haga J, Sato N, Anazawa T, Kimura T, Kenjo A, Gotoh M, Marubashi S. Comprehensive analysis of gene expression of isolated pancreatic islets during pretransplant culture. 17-26
Nakamura A, Sato R, Ando S, Oana N, Nozaki E, Endo H, Miyate Y, Soma J, Miyata G. Orthogonal antibody testing for COVID-19 among healthcare workers in a non-epidemic place and time: Japan's Iwate Prefecture, May 18-31, 2020. 27-32
Kato K, Yabuki S, Otani K, Nikaido T, Otoshi KI, Watanabe K, Kikuchi SI, Konno SI. Ossification of the ligamentum flavum in the thoracic spine mimicking sciatica in a young baseball pitcher: a case report. 33-37
Miyagawa A, Kunii Y, Gotoh D, Ito M, Itagaki S, Matsumoto T, Kumakura T, Yabe H. Differential diagnosis of memory impairment in areas affected by a natural disaster: a case report. 38-44
Jin T, Kyozuka H, Fujimori M, Nomura S, Hakozaki Y, Suzuki D, Nomura Y. Unexpected placenta accreta spectrum after the use of assisted reproductive technology in women with adenomyomectomy. 45-48
Kato K, Otoshi KI, Yabuki S, Otani K, Nikaido T, Watanabe K, Kobayashi H, Handa JI, Konno SI. Abdominal oblique muscle injury at its junction with the thoracolumbar fascia in a high school baseball player presenting with unilateral low back pain. 49-52

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