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2012年 Ejiri, Soichi; Kikuchi, Shin-Ichi; Maruya, Masato; Sekiguchi, Yasufumi; Kawakami, Ryoichi; Konno, Shin-Ichi Short-term results of endoscopic (okutsu method) versus palmar incision open carpal tunnel release: a prospective randomized controlled trial Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 58 49 59
2015年 Ejiri, Soichi; Tajino, Takahiro; Kawakami, Ryoichi; Hakozaki, Michiyuki; Konno, Shin-Ichi Long-term follow-up of free vascularized fibular head graft for reconstruction of the proximal humerus after wide resection for bone sarcoma Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 61 58 65
2015年 Kawakami, Ryoichi; Konno, Shin-Ichi; Ejiri, Soichi; Hatashita, Satoshi Surgical treatment for infected long bone defects after limb-threatening trauma: application of locked plate and autogenous cancellous bone graft Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 61 141 148
2016年 Kawakami, Ryoichi; Ejiri, Soichi; Hakozaki, Michiyuki; Hatashita, Satoshi; Sasaki, Nobuyuki; Kobayashi, Yoshitaka; Takahashi, Yoko; Konno, Shin-Ichi Surgical treatment options for septic non-union of the tibia: two staged operation, Flow-through anastomosis of FVFG, and continuous local intraarterial infusion of heparin Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 62 83 89


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