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2012 Ravid, Rivka; Ikemoto, Keiko Pitfalls and practicalities in collecting and banking human brain tissues for research on psychiatric and neulogical disorders Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 58 82 87
2013 Wada, Akira; Kunii, Yasuto; Matsumoto, Junya; Itagaki, Shuntaro; Yabe, Hirooki; Mashiko, Hirobumi; Niwa, Shin-Ichi Changes in the condition of psychiatric inpatients after the complex Fukushima disaster Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 59 39 42
Dec-2006 Kurita, Masatake; Sato, Tadahiro; Nishino, Satoshi; Ohtomo, Koji; Shirakawa, Hisayoshi; Mashiko, Hirobumi; Niwa, Shin-Ichi; Nakahata, Norimichi Effects of fluvoxamine on behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia in Alzheimer's disease: a report of three cases Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 52 143 148
Jun-2008 Ikemoto, Keiko Striatal D-neurons: in new viewpoints for neuropsychiatric research using post-mortem brains Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 54 1 3
2014 Mashiko, Hirobumi Mental health of children Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 60 208 208
28-Sep-2015 太田, 貴文 Effects of shakuyaku-kanzo-to on extrapyramidal symptoms during antipsychotic treatment: A randomized, open-label study - - - -
24-Mar-2015 浅野, 聡子 Temporal integration of speech sound probed with mismatch negativity - - - -
28-Sep-2018 星野, 大 言語音連続刺激の欠落部がミスマッチ陰性電位に与える影響 - - - -
29-Sep-2016 曽田, 恵美 Impacts of age on plasma monoamine metabolite concentrations in a large cohort of healthy individuals - - - -
22-Mar-2019 長岡, 敦子 The investigation of ALDH4A1 expression in the postmortem brains from patients with schizophrenia-genetic neuropathology - - - -

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