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30-Sep-2019 弓屋, 結 Communication between health professionals and community residents in Fukushima: A focus on the feedback loop - - - -
30-Sep-2019 金澤, 晃子 Blood Concentration of Tacrolimus and Age Predict Tacrolimus-Induced Left Ventricular Dysfunction after Bone Marrow Transplantation in Adults - - - -
30-Sep-2019 上田, 由桂 Risk factors of problem drinking in the chronic phase among evacuees in Fukushima following the Great East Japan Earthquake based on a two-year cohort study: The Fukushima Health Management Survey - - - -
24-Mar-2020 岡崎, 可奈子 Factors associated with incidence of undernutrition in the elderly in evacuated areas after the Great East Japan Earthquake - - - -
2020 Hirokawa, Kumi; Ohira, Tetsuya; Kajiura, Mitsugu; Imano, Hironori; Kitamura, Akihiko; Kiyama, Masahiko; Okada, Takeo; Iso, Hiroyasu Job stress factors measured by Brief Job Stress Questionnaire and sickness absence among Japanese workers: A longitudinal study Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 66 88 96
25-Mar-2021 吉田, 知克 Social Factors Associated with Life Satisfaction and Psychological Distress among Residents with Developmental Disorders in Fukushima Prefecture - - - -
30-Sep-2021 矢澤, 由加子 Association of Admission Hyperglycemia with Clinical Outcomes in Japanese Patients with Acute Large Vessel Occlusion Stroke: A Post-hoc Analysis of the Recovery by Endovascular Salvage for Cerebral Ultra-acute Embolism Japan Registry 2 - - - -
Dec-2017 Yasuda, Shun; Kyozuka, Hyo; Nomura, Yasuhisa; Fujimori, Keiya; Goto, Aya; Yasumura, Seiji; Hata, Kennichi; Ohira, Tetsuya; Abe, Masafumi Influence of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster on the birth weight of newborns in Fukushima Prefecture: Fukushima Health Management Survey The journal of maternal-fetal & neonatal medicine 30 2900 2904
2014 Ishikawa, Tetsuo; Yasumura, Seiji; Ohtsuru, Akira; Sakai, Akira; Ohira, Tetsuya; Kamiya, Kenji; Abe, Masafumi External radiation dose estimation by the basic survey Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 60 207 207
Mar-2018 Hirosaki, Mayumi; Ohira, Tetsuya; Yasumura, Seiji; Maeda, Masaharu; Yabe, Hirooki; Harigane, Mayumi; Takahashi, Hideto; Murakami, Michio; Suzuki, Yuriko; Nakano, Hironori; Zhang, Wen; Uemura, Mayu; Abe, Masafumi; Kamiya, Kenji; Fukushima Health Management Survey Group Lifestyle factors and social ties associated with the frequency of laughter after the Great East Japan Earthquake: Fukushima Health Management Survey Quality of life research 27 639 650

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