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Jun-2005 Oldroyd, John Low birth weight in South Asian babies in Britain: time to reduce the inequalities Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 51 1 10
Mar-2006 加藤, 清司 たばこ対策の現状と課題 : 福島県立医科大学敷地内全面禁煙にあたって 福島県立医科大学看護学部紀要 8 1 10
Mar-2009 加藤, 清司; 菅野, 聖子 がん検診の受診率に影響を及ぼす要因の検討 : 只見町健康調査2003年から 福島県立医科大学看護学部紀要 11 29 37
1-Dec-2009 Kanda, Hideyuki; Hayakawa, Takehito; Tsuboi, Satoshi; Mori, Yayoi; Takahashi, Teruna; Fukushima, Tetsuhito Higher body mass index is a predictor of death among professional sumo wrestlers Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 8 711 712
Mar-2010 熊坂, 智美; 佐藤, 美恵; 黒田, 真理子 事業所従業員が運動教室参加後に運動を継続していく要因の検討 福島県立医科大学看護学部紀要 12 21 30
2015 Ito, Teruna; Tsuji, Masayoshi; Mori, Yayoi; Kanda, Hideyuki; Hidaka, Tomoo; Kakamu, Takeyasu; Kumagai, Tomohiro; Hayakawa, Takehito; Osaki, Yoneatsu; Fukushima, Tetsuhito Effect of CYP2A6*4 genetic polymorphisms on smoking behaviors and nicotine dependence in a general population of Japanese men Fukushima Journal of Medical Science 61 125 130
24-Mar-2016 髙栁, 宏史 Economic impact and health effect of family physicians in Kitakata city - - - -
24-Mar-2016 高澤, 奈緒美 School-based programs to reduce non-obese dieting behavior in Japanese high school students - - - -


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