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1 入院している子どもに付き添う家族に関する文献検討 83
2 女性看護師が男性看護師に期待する職務・役割に関する調査研究 61

精神科病棟において看護師が患者に抱く陰性感情と看護チームのサポートについての分析 61
4 周手術期患者に対する病棟看護師の臨床判断 59

看護系大学卒業の看護師の看護実践能力を測定する「看護実践能力自己評価尺度(CNCSS)」の適合度の検討 59
6 わが国における新卒看護師に関する文献の検討 53
7 Comparisons between the efficacy of limaprost alfadex and pregabalin in cervical spondylotic radiculopathy : design of a randomized controlled trial 49
8 ウェルネス志向を取り入れた母性看護学の展開 45
9 母親のメンタルヘルスに影響を与える要因の検討 : 妊娠届出と新生児・妊産婦訪問の記録の分析から 44
10 看護実践能力を測定する2つの質問紙(尺度)の構成概念の比較検討 41
11 A case of endocrine cell carcinoma combined with squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus resected by endoscopic submucosal dissection 32
12 訪問看護ステーションにおける管理運営の問題点および課題 31
13 長期療養が必要な病児をきょうだいにもつ子どもへの支援に関する文献検討 29
14 臨床判断研究の文献レビュー(1998年~2007年) 28

境界性パーソナリティ障害患者の治療枠組みと看護師の役割 28
16 小児ケアに携わる病棟看護師の子どもおよび家族とのコミュニケーションに関する認識 27
17 Targeted therapy according to next generation sequencing-based panel sequencing 26

看護基礎教育から継続教育における看護実践能力の育成内容 26

Pentraxin 3, a new marker for vascular inflammation, predicts adverse clinical outcomes in patients with heart failure 26
20 施設における痴呆老人による攻撃的行動の分析 25
21 Human and equipment resources for difficult airway management, airway education programs, and capnometry use in Japanese emergency departments: a nationwide cross-sectional study 23

Psychiatric Outpatients After the 3.11 Complex Disaster in Fukushima, Japan 23

Histological Comparison of Cold versus Hot Snare Resections of Colorectal Mucosa 23
24 Henoch-schönlein purpura nephritis in childhood: pathogenesis, prognostic factors and treatment 22

新卒看護師が認識する先輩看護師からのサポート 22

Long-term survival after resection of a gastric metastasis from transverse colon cancer: a case report 22

Changes in N-glycans of IgG4 and its relationship with the existence of hypocomplementemia and individual organ involvement in patients with IgG4-related disease 22
28 北日本の救急救命士の院外気管挿管に関する実態調査報告書 21

Characteristics of awareness and behavior of medical staff for prevention of falling accidents among inpatients 21

COMT Val 108/158 Met polymorphism and treatment response to aripiprazole in patients with acute schizophrenia 21
31 Clinical usefulness of ramucirumab plus paclitaxel for unresectable and recurrent gastric cancer 20

本邦集中治療室における気道管理資源に関する実態調査報告書 20

Effect of the Fukushima earthquake on weight in early childhood - a retrospective analysis 20

A case of peripheral T-cell lymphoma presenting with acute liver failure 20

Study of developmental disorders among newborns in Fukushima City after the Great East Japan Earthquake and nuclear power plant accident; an adjunct study of the Fukushima Regional Center of the Japan Environmental and Children's Study (JECS) 20

Clinicopathological significance of lymphangiogenesis detected by immunohistochemistry using D2-40 monoclonal antibody in breast cancer 20
37 Clinical features of liver dysfunction in collagen diseases 19

Prolonged infection at the tibial bone tunnel after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction 19

Contractile responses of prostatic and epididymal portions of isolated rabbit vas deferens to electrical field stimulation 19

Preventive measures and lifestyle habits against exertional heat illness in radiation decontamination workers 19

Expression and function of LPA1 in bladder cancer 19

Estradiol promotes rapid degradation of HER3 in ER-positive breast cancer cell line MCF-7 19

Population Characteristics and Progressive Disability in Neuofibromatosis Type 2 19

A case of polyarteritis nodosa limited to lower legs with a high titer of MPO-ANCA under precedence of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis 19
45 外来通院する慢性疾患児の治療及び日常生活の現状と外来看護に対する家族の認識 18

がん患者・家族の悩み相談を受ける看護師の能力の開発に関する研究~2年間継続の教育プログラムの実施と評価を試みて~ 18

本邦救急外来における気道管理資源に関する実態調査報告書 18

Mechanistic insights of coronary vasospasm and new therapeutic approaches 18

Noninvasive myocardial endothelial intervention in the persistence of coronary stenosis: a concept of myocardial endothelial nitric oxide activator through heart failure research on clinical demand 18

Membrane type 1-matrix metalloproteinase (MT1-MMP) identified as a multifunctional regulator of vascular responses 18


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