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1 精神科病棟において看護師が患者に抱く陰性感情と看護チームのサポートについての分析 78
2 ウェルネス志向を取り入れた母性看護学の展開 65
3 周手術期患者に対する病棟看護師の臨床判断 64
4 看護系大学卒業の看護師の看護実践能力を測定する「看護実践能力自己評価尺度(CNCSS)」の適合度の検討 61
5 母親のメンタルヘルスに影響を与える要因の検討 : 妊娠届出と新生児・妊産婦訪問の記録の分析から 53
6 臨床判断研究の文献レビュー(1998年~2007年) 51
7 看護実践能力を測定する2つの質問紙(尺度)の構成概念の比較検討 45
8 入院している子どもに付き添う家族に関する文献検討 42
9 福島県における摂食・嚥下障害のある患者ケアに関する実態調査 39
10 フィンランド語で開発された看護実践能力を測定する尺度(質問紙)の翻訳の等価性の検討 32
11 Anti-ribosomal P antibodies are associated with nephritis, vascular thrombosis and lymphocytopenia in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus 30

慢性・長期的健康問題をもつ子どもと家族の日常生活と社会資源の活用 : 福島県内在住者を対象として 30

Psychological distress after the great East Japan earthquake and fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant accident: results of a mental health and lifestyle survey through the fukushima health management survey in fy2011 and fy2012 30
14 福島医大の震災レポート 29

女性看護師が男性看護師に期待する職務・役割に関する調査研究 29
16 The inhibitory effect of shakuyakukanzoto on K^+ current in H9c2 cells 28

Fluvastatin increases bone mineral density in postmenopausal women 28

Keishikajutsubuto (Guizhi-shu-fu-tang) treatment for refractory accumulation of synovial fluid in a patient with pustulotic arthro-osteitis 28

新卒看護師が認識する先輩看護師からのサポート 28
20 Association between maternal feeling about pregnancy and child's lifestyle 27

Role for netrin-1 in sensory axonal guidance in higher vertebrates 27

う蝕多発地域郡山市管内の3歳児におけるう蝕の要因調査 27
23 Helicopter emergency medical services (doctor-helicopter) in Fukushima Prefecture: present state and problems 26

The basic data for residents aged 16 years or older who received a comprehensive health check examinations in 2011-2012 as a part of the Fukushima Health Management Survey after the great East Japan earthquake 26

A case of congenital unilateral partial absence of fallopian tube 26

Support-seeking behavior among Japanese mothers at high-risk of mental health problems: a community-based study at a city health center 26

The inhibitory effect of paclitaxel on (KV2.1) K^+ current in H9c2 cells 26

Successful endovascular treatment of chronic total occlusion of superficial femoral artery using retrograde approach from deep femoral artery 26
29 Histogenesis of CD5-positive and CD5-negative B-cell neoplasms on the aspect of somatic mutation of immunoglobulin heavy chain gene variable region 25

Therapy-related myelodysplastic syndrome following cyclophosphamide pulse and/or methotrexate therapy in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus. 25

A reduction of coronary flow reserve is associated with chronic kidney disease and long-term cardio-cerebrovascular events in patients with non-obstructive coronary artery disease and vasospasm 25

Effect of shift work on mental state of factory workers 25

An electronic radial scanning echoendoscope is superior to a mechanical radial scanning echoendoscope in ultrasound image quality for gastrointestinal tract and pancreaticobiliary lesions 25

福島県立医科大学看護学部紀要投稿規程 25

Evacuation effect on excess mortality among institutionalized elderly after the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant accident 25
36 Autoantibodies by line immunoassay in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis 24

Interphase cytogenetic analysis of lung adenocarcinomas with bronchioloalveolar pattern 24

Higher body mass index is a predictor of death among professional sumo wrestlers 24

High Serum Level of Pentosidine, an Advanced Glycation End Product (AGE), is a Risk Factor of Patients with Heart Failure 24

Well-differentiated fetal adenocarcinoma of the lung in a 20-year-old woman 24

Postoperative outcomes of arthroscopic subacromial decompression for rotator cuff tear with shoulder stiffness 24

The endocrinological responses of veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation on hypoxic fetal lambs 24

Stenting strategy and follow-up results of multi-center registry in Fukushima city for left main coronary artery disease: bare metal stent versus drug-eluting stent 24

Long-term follow-up of free vascularized fibular head graft for reconstruction of the proximal humerus after wide resection for bone sarcoma 24

Association between growth factor heregulin -1α and receptors in growth of ovarian cancer cell line with high potentiality of peritoneal dissemination 24

Mental health of children 24

Unusual chest wall pain caused by thoracic disc herniation in a professional baseball pitcher 24
48 The role of HMGA2 in the proliferation and expansion of a hematopoietic cell in myeloproliferative neoplasms 23

A大学病院の眼科外来における待ち時間の実態と待ち時間に対する感覚・感情との関連 23

Culture-based bacterial detection systems for platelets: the effect of time prior to sampling and duration of incubation required for detection using aerobic culture 23


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