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22-Mar-2019 大原, 美希 多嚢胞性卵巣症候群患者子宮内膜と子宮内膜培養細胞におけるアンドロゲン受容体発現にメトホルミンが与える影響についての検討 - - - -
22-Mar-2019 黒見, 洋介 ヒト由来悪性髄膜腫細胞 HKBMM の過剰な遊走性に関わる IGF2BP1 の役割 - - - -
22-Mar-2019 石川, 真郷 Anti-fibrotic effect of CCR2 antagonist on experimental murine scleroderma induced by bleomycin - - - -
22-Mar-2019 平井, 亨 Epidemiological study on cervical cord compression and its clinical symptoms in community-dwelling residents - - - -
22-Mar-2019 山本, 晃裕 皮膚組織灌流圧(skin perfusion pressure)は混合血酸素飽和度の代用となりうるか? - - - -
22-Mar-2019 菊池, 智宏 Characterization of tumor-infiltrating immune cells in relation to microbiota in colorectal cancers - - - -
22-Mar-2019 蓬田, 翔太 Involvement between social defeat stress and pain-related behavior in an application of the nucleus pulposus rat model - - - -
22-Mar-2019 山田, 昌幸 Histological validation of cerebral white fiber fixation methods - - - -
22-Mar-2019 前田, 創 Modeling virus-associated acute encephalopathy pathophysiology using an in vitro blood-brain barrier model and dynamic evaluation of endothelial cell injury - - - -
22-Mar-2019 長岡, 敦子 The investigation of ALDH4A1 expression in the postmortem brains from patients with schizophrenia-genetic neuropathology - - - -
22-Mar-2019 氏家, 大輔 KRT17 as a prognostic biomarker in stage II colorectal cancer - - - -
22-Mar-2019 石井, 佳世子 Characteristics and changes in the mental health indicators of expecting parents in a couple-based parenting support program in Japan - - - -
22-Mar-2019 細野, 敦之 Effects of Propofol on the mRNA Transcript and Protein Expression Levels of CB1 Receptor - - - -
22-Mar-2019 佐竹, 秀一 Noninvasive continuous blood pressure monitoring using microelectromechanical system technology - - - -
22-Mar-2019 藤宮, 剛 Late Gadolinium Enhancement Predicts Improvement in Systolic Function after Aortic Valve Replacement in Patients with Severe Aortic Stenosis - - - -
22-Mar-2019 國分, 知樹 The telomerase plays a pivotal role in collateral development under ischemia by suppressing aging-induced production of oxidative stress, expression of p53 and pro-apoptotic proteins - - - -
22-Mar-2019 小島, 有里子 Characteristics of facial expression recognition ability in patients with Lewy body disease - - - -
22-Mar-2019 遠藤, 翔太 Preventive measures and lifestyle habits against exertional heat illness in radiation decontamination workers - - - -
22-Mar-2019 大山, 翠 Biological Role of Site-specific O-glycosylation in Cell Adhesion Activity and Phosphorylation of Osteopontin - - - -
22-Mar-2019 佐藤, 勢 Predicting Falls from Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia in Elderly People Residing in Facilities - - - -
19-Mar-2019 - 会津医療センター 放射線部 福島県立医科大学業績集 29 724 724
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