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15-Dec-2021 - 2020年3月以降に開催した総合科学研究会プログラム : 総合科学研究会報告 福島県立医科大学総合科学教育研究センター紀要 10 10 11
15-Dec-2021 西山, 学即 繊毛虫Paramecium属のゲノム再編集の最近の研究動向 福島県立医科大学総合科学教育研究センター紀要 10 1 9
30-Sep-2021 Tiksnadi, Amanda Direct comparison of Efficacy of the Motor Cortical Plasticity Induction and the Interindividual Variability between TBS and QPS - - - -
30-Sep-2021 川島, 一公 Optimal Selection of Endoscopic Resection in Patients with Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Endoscopic Mucosal Resection vs Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection According to Lesion Size - - - -
30-Sep-2021 愛澤, 正人 Risk of Delayed Bleeding after Cold Snare Polypectomy in Patients with Antithrombotic Therapy - - - -
30-Sep-2021 山内, 直人 Stromal expression of cancer‑associated fibroblast‑related molecules, versican and lumican, is strongly associated with worse relapse‑free and overall survival times in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma - - - -
30-Sep-2021 矢野, 徹宏 Usefulness of computed tomography in the diagnosis of acute pyelonephritis in older patients suspected of infection with unknown focus - - - -
30-Sep-2021 蛭田, 亮 Intraoperative transcranial facial motor evoked potential monitoring in surgery of cerebellopontine angle tumors predicts early and late postoperative facial nerve function - - - -
30-Sep-2021 星, 誠二 Upregulation of glucocorticoid receptor-mediated glucose transporter 4 in enzalutamide-resistant prostate cancer - - - -
30-Sep-2021 齋藤, 悠 High FIB4 index is an independent risk factor of diabetic kidney disease in type 2 diabetes - - - -
30-Sep-2021 Rahman, Abidur Reduced Claudin-12 Expression Predicts Poor Prognosis in Cervical Cancer - - - -
30-Sep-2021 落合, 晴香 Effect of oxytocin nasal spray on auditory automatic discrimination measured by mismatch negativity - - - -
30-Sep-2021 松本, 拓朗 Tn Antigen Expression Defines an Immune Cold Subset of Mismatch-Repair Deficient Colorectal Cancer - - - -
30-Sep-2021 一瀬, 瑞絵 Effect of switching to brexpiprazole on plasma homovanillic acid levels and antipsychotic related side effects in patients with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder - - - -
30-Sep-2021 池田, 翔平 Femoral marrow MRI is a non-invasive, non-irradiated and useful tool for detecting bone marrow involvement in non-Hodgkin lymphoma - - - -
30-Sep-2021 矢澤, 由加子 Association of Admission Hyperglycemia with Clinical Outcomes in Japanese Patients with Acute Large Vessel Occlusion Stroke: A Post-hoc Analysis of the Recovery by Endovascular Salvage for Cerebral Ultra-acute Embolism Japan Registry 2 - - - -
30-Sep-2021 仲野, 宏 PD-L1 overexpression in EBV-positive gastric cancer is caused by unique genomic or epigenomic mechanisms - - - -
30-Sep-2021 後藤, 芳明 Usefulness of computed tomography angiography "spot sign" in the endoscopically assisted evacuation of acute subdural hematoma in the elderly - - - -
30-Sep-2021 岩崎, 麻里子 Fast walking is a preventive factor against new-onset diabetes mellitus in a large cohort from a Japanese general population - - - -
30-Sep-2021 鈴木, 学 MTX-HOPE is a low-dose salvage chemotherapy for aged patients with relapsed or refractory non-Hodgkin lymphoma - - - -
30-Sep-2021 堀越, 裕子 Opposing responses of the calcium channel blocker nicardipine to vascular stiffness in the elastic and muscular arteries in rabbits - - - -
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