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著者:  "Ezuki, Shoji"

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2007年11月 Ezuki, Shoji; Kawabata, Kinuyo; Kanno, Takahiro; Ohto, Hitoshi Culture-based bacterial detection systems for platelets: the effect of time prior to sampling and duration of incubation required for detection using aerobic culture Transfusion 47 2044 2049
2008年5月 Ezuki, Shoji; Kanno, Takahiro; Ohto, Hitoshi; Herschel, Louise; Ito, Takatoshi; Kawabata, Kinuyo; Seino, Osamu; Ikeda, Kazuhiko; Nollet, Kenneth E Survival and recovery of apheresis platelets stored in a polyolefin container with high oxygen permeability Vox Sanguinis 94 292 298


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